About Us

AAS di kiran is a rehabilitation center, which provides health care services for the addicts. It is difficult to get rid of drugs, but it is not impossible to do so. If one wishes to end it, they can. If one loves their life, they can do it. At Aas Di Kiran rehab centre, accurate health services, practitioners, medicines, and required equipments are obtainable to treat the drug addicts. The drug addicts need to bear with the treatment, as it gets difficult for the doctors to treat them at a point.

The doctors at this rehabilitation centre are skilled experts who dealt with severe cases. An addict requires appropriate care and treatment to get their life back on track. The cure depends upon the condition of the tolerant. Not just the doctor’s have to work together but the drug addict too need to be patient about it. It is difficult but with mutual aid, it is possible.

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Facilities provided by AAS di kiran

  • The period of treatment is going under the guideline of trained and experience counsellor.
  • well furnishing and air condition infrastructure.
  • Every time and anytime our staff is available.
  • Special therapist and yoga trainer testing your condition.
  • Natural, Healthy and Hygienic food provide by us.